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In our store, Cowra Plaster Works ensures we only stock and sell products we trust. Our team consists of trained, experienced tradies who know the ins and outs of a good plaster product. We feel confident in recommending any of the products we offer as reliable, high-quality products for you to take on-site on your next project.

CSR Distributor

CSR is a big name in the construction and plaster industry. When you see the CSR brand, you know you can trust the products. We trust CSR products, using them in our professional projects and also working as a distributor for retail and supply. As independent CSR distributors, we offer a wide range of products from this company. If you can’t find what you need, we can order anything to fill in the gaps in your materials list.

Cowra Plaster Works operates as an independent CSR Gyprock Specialist Distributor centre. Get a number of top Gyprock products from our retail store or source what you need from us directly. Our CSR Gyprock and Cemintel products all offer a lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is plaster mould resistant?
Modern plaster is often made to be moisture and mould resistant. Older plaster may not have this same qualification, but it may not be a problem if the area where it will be applied gets direct sunlight and is well aired-out with fresh, dry air.
How do I know I’m getting a quality plaster product?
Does the type of plaster matter for different rooms in a house?